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Grow your community

We may not all be talented, but together we make beautiful music!

Our community is a rich tapestry of opinion, interest, culture, and back story. Each thread strengthened by a knowledge that we are better together, and by a shared love of where we live.

A woman is seated on a green velvet couch drinking from a coffee cup. In the background their is a wall of florals with a neon light that reads "Love you a latte"

We love local!

We buy local because we know the owner and the employees.


We eat local because they sponsor the sporting clubs and organisations we value.


We use local services because they volunteer to keep us safe in a storm and help with the costumes for the local dance school. 

It may not sound like much, but it means a lot! We are loyal and we are welcoming because we know it takes all sorts to get things done.

We give back!

Joining a group or club and volunteering is a great way to find an immediate sense of belonging and connection in our towns.

Whether you are new to Corangamite Shire or if you are already a resident, there is a welcoming network of community groups, clubs and organisations ready to roll out the welcome mat for you and your family.

If you are thinking of packing your bags to come on down. Bring some passion and some ideas to share, we may not have what you need right here and right now but you will likely find some willing hands to help you get it going.  

A collage of photos of people smiling at the camera in a range of scenes
A group of people standing in front of a wall with stained glass windows holding a range of instruments.

Dancing to the beat of Corangamite. 

Simon and Alison are involved in Tuniversal, Camperdown Film Society, Friends of Mount Leura and the Robert Burns Scottish festival.


They have been dancing to the beat of Corangamite for a decade now and invite you to hit the floor and feel it too. 

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