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Grow your business

Corangamite Shire offers a welcoming haven for you to start up, run, grow and prosper your business, with its picturesque landscapes, supportive communities and thriving economy. Our region is a hub of opportunity, providing a strong foundation for your business to flourish. Corangamite Shire is the perfect place to build your dreams and your business. 

Approximately 90% of Corangamite is prime farming land supported by complimentary manufacturing located in the industrial precincts in of Camperdown, Cobden and Terang.

Our manufacturing sector is ready for future growth, through strategic investment and diversifying our infrastructure. Council is proactive in meeting the requirements and issues that have arisen from its Industrial Land Strategy. To support and build on the strength of the Shire's agricultural sector, with large dairy and grain manufacturers. Council has prepared the Camperdown Production Precinct Masterplan, to coordinate future business, especially in relation to design and servicing, including being development ready, access to water and direct transport links. We already have existing industrial estates located in both Cobden and Terang.

Corangamite has and continues to develop a reputation to be proactive and bold, supporting investment, growth and start ups, we provide access to the best business support, with sustainability in our hearts, and the best knowledge from our skilled planning, building and environmental health teams - it's all here.

During 2023, we commenced a proactive economic development and investment program, to revitalise Corangamite. Looking at jobs growth, population attraction, business expansion, attraction of new investment, linking arts and culture, and events and festivals to develop a new economic development strategy in-house, called Grow and Prosper Corangamite, whilst also considering both the visitor economy and circular economy.

A wooden barrell sits on castor wheels, it's interior is on fire as a man is using a torch to char the inside for whisky.

Abecketts Creek Cooperage Timboon

We're setting up for growth.

We are opening up a new industrial estate in Camperdown, opening up housing lots in Simpson and Timboon, in the process of rezoning areas of Cobden and Skipton all to support our business, and our communities.


With these opportunities of potential growth over the coming years, the chance to start up and grow your own business, having your own side hustle, or relocating to our region looks more than promising!

Business Profile

Chelsea Hatherall + Scott Wilkinson
Alderwood Speakers, Cobden

Scott and Chelsea create world-class speakers out of their Cobden base 'Alderwood Manor' - a 116 year old former picture theatre and hall.


Each compact Alderwood speaker is crafted from instrument-grade FSC approved birch timber and takes 30 days to finish and test to ensure the highest audio standards.


The pair also host a range of popular arts, music and film events out of Alderwood Manor.

A man stands next to a bench showing a range of speakers, he is holding one speaker in his hand.
The Grow & Prosper Corangamite Logo featuring six colour diagonally shaped squares of different colours.

Grow & Prosper Corangamite

Our new plan has been created to ensure several of Council’s long-term strategies reinforce each other for the good of the community. 

Grow and Prosper Corangamite was launched in May 2023 as a strategic framework to bring together economic development, tourism, arts and culture, and events and festival strategies

A person is pouring frothed milk from a metal milk tray into a black coffee cup, a coffee machine is in the background.

Business Corangamite

If you have ever thought of being your own boss, let's talk about opportunity and support in Corangamite.


We have a dedicated team here ready to help and guide you. Supporting local business to grow and prosper is on our radar, and local business supports local communities, together we grow and we create more jobs and more opportunities.

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